Vision and Mission


Become an excellent Vocational Program in technology development based on Islamic values for the good of society in national and Islamic scale in 2021.


  1. To conduct education, research, and community service in order to produce the graduates who have Islamic behavior, self confident, intelligent, skills, and excellence.     
  2. To provide facilities and infrastructure as needed in order to support the implementation of education, research and community service.     
  3. To develop human resources that competent, professional, and have Islamic character.     
  4. To develop a transparent, accountable, and fairness management system refers to ISO 9001 international standard.     
  5. To establish cooperative networks with government, industries, hospitals, financial institutions, and other institution, in national and international.     
  6. Act as Muhammadiyah’s development center for the good of society.
  7. To Participate in Yogyakarta’s development as a city of education and culture.